Friday, 22 April 2016

April's orders

Great news,

I will be at the craft festival in the royal marine hotel, Dunlaoghaire on the 22nd of May, Its my first time to have a table and display and sell my work so I am really nervous but excited. 
If you are passing by please pop in and have a peep. 

April has been a busy month so far, plenty of memory bears keeping me busy and I had a rush on the initial letter frames and bunting for some new babies and communion season. 

I am also trying to make lots of bears for the craft fair in May so I will have plenty to sell. 

Have a peep at the pics below and to place an order just click on the contact tab above and I will email you back. 

Thanks for stopping by,


Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Have a peep below at some of the most recent items I have made.


Thursday, 7 April 2016

March's orders

Memory bears and frames.

Hi everyone,
Thanks for stopping by, As you know I have been kept busy with my memory bear orders and personalised frames and January and February have kept me busy. 
I just wanted to share some pictures of my recent orders. 

One of the things I love the most about making these memory bears and cushions is the story behind each item, A story of loss but I am so glad that the little bears and cushions give great comfort to people and I am so thankful for all the orders I received this month. 

Have a peep at the pics below and let me know what you think. 
For information on prices and orders you can click here.

Chat soon,


personalised frames

Hi everyone. 

I just want to share these personalised frames that I have started to make.
I love making these and each one has their own special message. 

For blue one below I put in the lyric of the first dance song and the names and dates for the wedding. 
The cream one was a thank you frame for the mother of the bride. 
Each of the hearts are hand stitched and I use fabric for the backing.

You can order by clicking the mail icon on the top left hand side.
You can also mail me through the contact section on the blog also and I can accept paypal but please note that payment is required up front for personalised items. 

Prices for the wedding frames are 25 euro/20 pound and postage costs are extra.

Have a flick below for more pics. 



Welcome to my shop. 

This is where you will find the price list for the personalised items I make. 
All orders can be emailed to be by clicking the mail icon on the left hand corner of this page. 

Please find below the pricing, pictures and details for the frames and bears below. 
Thanks you so much for supporting my small business it really means a lot to me. 


Teddy bears.


Memory bears


I was recently asked to make a cushion and a bear made from a shirt that belonged to the ladies dad. I learned to sew teddy bears in my autumn term of sewing classes and love making them. 
Even though I was quite nervous to cut up a loved ones belonging I knew how lovely it would turn out once finished. 

I to lost my dad to bowel cancer in July 2008 and it was quite sudden how it all happened.
I know that the one thing you want when you lose someone is to just hold them one more time. 
Over Christmas I had the pleasure of making them for friends and family, there is a story that comes with every shirt and seeing peoples faces when they get them is really moving and special. 

I made my little brother a bear from my dads fleece, my dad never really wore a shirt unless he had to so it was more sentimental for me to sew his fleece. This was my first time to sew using this type of fabric but thankfully it turned out, this blue fleece was something my dad always wore and we even have a picture of him with the dog in his fave fleece, sewing the fabric I noticed the wear marks and the singe marks on the sleeve from him lighting the fire. It brought back a lot of lovely memories.
Although I found it really emotional to make I am so glad that I did as my little brother was delighted with the bear as he was only 14 when my dad passed away so finds it a comfort to have. 

I will be taking orders in January for the bears and the cushions and for pricing details click here on the Designs by Dainty shop link. 
As I work full time I will only take on two orders a week as each bear can take up to 3 hours to make and I take my time as the fabric I use is extra special and I don't want to make any mistakes. 
I would love to be able to make more bears for everyone but with work I have to try and fit in my sewing so have to limit my orders.

Have a peep below at the pics of some of the bears and cushions I have made so far. All of the ones below were made and given to people over Christmas and I was so overwhelmed with the messages I received back from people, it was so sweet.

Thanks for stopping by,
Chat soon,



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