Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to order / FAQ

The details. 

How it works.

For memory bears/cushions/frames you post your loved ones items of clothing to me and I will transform them into sentimental keep sakes. I then post them back to you by registered post. 

For custom orders of christening/wedding bears and frames just click the contact button and email me with your request. 

How can I pay?

You can pay by Paypal or bank transfer. Once you have paid for your orders all items will then be shipped. 

How long do they take? 

Memory keepsakes can take 3-4 weeks to make from when I receive your items. At busy times of the year such as Christmas I close my order book early. 
When you email me I will be able to give you a more accurate timeframe for completion of your order. 

How much are they?

Bears are €45, cushions €25 and frames are €25. 
Postage is extra and starts at €6.50 depending on the size of your order. 

Are they safe for children?

Due to the bear being made from clothing it is not possible for me to CE test your bear so therefore it is not suitable to be left unaccompanied with a child. 
I use safety eyes on the bear and anti alergy fibre filling. 
The bear is for decorative purposes only and not suitable for a toy. 

What items of clothing are best?

Cotton materials are best, shirts, jumpers, dressing gowns, blankets all make amazing bears. You can send me a picture of your item of clothing when enquiring. You might need to submit two items of clothing if they are small in size. 

Do you use baby grows/children's clothes?

No. I have tested baby grows using the pattern I use and unfortunately they were not strong enough so at the moment I am not able to use baby grows or infant size items of clothing. I can however use a blanket to make into a bear. 

Do you have a shop?

No. I make all items in my craft room. At this time I do not have a shop or sell through any retailers. 

Do you do large orders?

Yes. For large orders it will take longer for your order to be complete but I can give you a timeframe of when it will be complete when you enquire. 


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